Philatelist Mr. Shelendra Kumar NigamPhilatelist Mr. Shelendra Kumar Nigam

Philatelist Mr Shelendra Kumar Nigam 5 Lakh’s Collections

According to Mr. Shelendra Kumar Nigam (Ratlam, M.P.), there are classified collections on various subjects in his collection. They currently have over 25 thematic collections! In these, there is a collection of the Prime Minister of India, the President, Bharat Ratna, the Leader of China, the Leader of the Soviet Rush, Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Christmas, Flower, Bird, etc. There is a collection of 500 tickets for Mahatma Gandhi from across the country and abroad.

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Shri Nigam was honoured with the title of “Philatelist” and he was also awarded the Philatelic Ratna.

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Philatelist Mr. Shelendra Kumar Nigam 5 Lakh's Collections


The systematic introduction of postage stamps was done in Britain by Ronald Heel in 1835. That is why Ronald Heel is considered to be the father of postage stamps in the world. This mourning of Mr Nigam’s postage stamps has made him an expert in it! They know a lot about this! It was started in our country in the year 1879.
Philatelist Mr. Shelendra Kumar Nigam 5 Lakh's Collections

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For 45 years, Mr Nigam has been engaged in collection work. Till now they have a collection of more than 5 lakh postage stamps available. There are many types of stamps from different countries in this collection of stamps. Postage stamps were not only made of paper but were also printed on plastic, metal, and cloth. The collection of all these is with Mr. Nigam!

Philatelist Mr. Shelendra Kumar Nigam 5 Lakh's Collections

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Shri Shailendra Kumar Nigam wishes that if a sponsor is found to display this heritage, then this mythological collection can be famous in front of the world! Till now no financial assistance has been provided by the government or any other department. If this collection is saved, it will prove to be a great source of knowledge for the public in the form of historical heritage.

Shri Shailendra Nigam is a resident of Ratlam district, Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, and is still working in this area. Mobile no. Can be contacted at 9009099926-9001303794

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Stamp Collector  Shalendra Kumar Nigam (Philatelist)

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