Cooking Shortcuts and TechniquesCooking Shortcuts and Techniques

Is a microwave a freezer full of ready-to-go meals your ultimate kitchen ally? or do you find yourself compelled to stand over a hot stove for several hours each night after a long day at work to make a meal for your family? Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques

Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques
Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques


Whether you love cooking or find it a chore, there are lots of more accessible, faster and cleverer ways to happy home cooking that will not only save you time but will make your meals even more delicious. Not every hint in this magician’s bag of cooking tricks will save you time. But money-saving, creative solutions to everyday kitchen issues are shortcuts to worry-free cooking and that’s what this chapter is all about. So, if your soup is too salty, add a bit of sugar. If a curry is too spicy, a spoonful of pureed apple will cool me down. If you run out of oil to grease a pan, use the cut side of a potato instead. The hints that follow will give you dozens of great ideas and in many cases may also.

What to do if there is too much salt?

If there is too much salt in your vegetable or any other food, then you should fix it like this-

Gram flour-

Adding a little roasted gram flour reduces the effect of salt and improves the taste. For this, roast a little gram flour in the pen and mix it! Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques


Heal it with curd! Take some curd in proportion to the need, beat it well put it in the gravy and boil it to a great extent, it balances the taste!

Boiled potatoes –

According to the amount of vegetable or soup, the taste of salt can also be reduced by mashing boiled potatoes and mixing them well.

Lemon juice-

Whatever the vegetable, be it Poha or dry, lemon juice can be used to reduce the salt in it.

Honey or Sugar –

The taste can be changed even by adding honey or sugar to any recipe in your kitchen! It depends on the ingredients of your food. Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques.

Fast Food Fixes- Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques

Balance salt with sugar-

with a teaspoon of granulated sugar. It absorbs excess salt and helps balance the taste. Or mix in a teaspoon of honey instead. Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques

Degrease the sauce with bicarbonate-

Sometimes the cooking juices used for the sauce are so greasy that they look like an oil slick. Fix the problem with a pinch or two of baking soda, mixing just enough into the juice to absorb the grease. (be careful, though, if you overdo it you could taint the flavour and make it taste metallic.)

Over-heated curry-

Tone it down with pureed apple. Add 30 ml of pureed apple for each 90 ml curry sauce, then taste. If necessary, continue stirring in a little pureed apple until the curry is to your liking.

Two extra for dinner-

It can be a total disaster when you cook the perfect-sized roast for a small dinner party. Meat shrinks when cooked, so it’s a third smaller than you started with and then the doorbell rings with two extra guests to feed. Curve the entire roast into thin strips, toss a large salad, top it with the meat and you should have substantially increased the size of your main course.

Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques
Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques

Rescue a cracked egg-

If you’re boiling an egg and the shell cracks, simply add a teaspoon of vinegar to the cooking water. It will help to coagulate the egg white and stop it from seeping out. Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques.

Salsa too hot-

Stir in a drop or two of vanilla extract and a hot salsa should cool down. Whether it’s the vanillin, sugars or amino acids in vanilla that take the heat down a notch or two, vanilla extract is the best condiment for the job.

Too much garlic in vegetables or soup-

Pack dried parsley sprigs or fresh parsley sprigs in a mesh bag along with coriander in India and add to the pan. Clouds of about 5 minutes will reduce the taste of garlic. Take out the bag! Apart from this, using vinegar, lemon juice, and sourness can also reduce the excessive taste of garlic by adding it in limited quantities. Cooking Shortcuts and Techniques.

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