Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy RoutineWays to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

In today’s modern times, our eating habits and lifestyle have become such that we are not able to use them even if we want to, and due to poor eating habits and lifestyle, we are falling prey to many types of diseases. Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine.

Many diseases cannot be cured no matter how much you spend, and for that, you have to depend on medicines for the rest of your life. However, it is also true that side effects of taking regular medicines and some special medicines are also seen in the body. It may not happen that on the one hand, we are taking medicines to improve our health and on the other hand, some other function of the body is being affected due to side effects. Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine.

Health is Wealth is a popular saying in English, which you might have heard. Good health is the basis of life! Therefore, it is always important to take care of your health. When it comes to health, we often get confused after listening to what people say. Sometimes even the opinions of experts do not please us. It also becomes difficult to decide whom to listen to and whom not to. Today we have brought some such information and tips for you which will tell you about taking care of your health along with traditional methods etc. All these facts are completely verified by research and based on the experiences of the elderly and will not cause any harm to your health.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine
Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

Some major suggestions and remedies according to Ayurveda and Puranic information –

1. Use copper utensils-

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine
Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

Copper contains anti-bacterial elements. Science has also researched this and proved that drinking water from a copper vessel is very beneficial. Because water has its memory! It is said that water has no colour, it becomes that colour with whatever you mix it with. Similarly, its qualities also change, that is, whatever situation it is in, it will acquire the same qualities. Since ancient times, people used to drink water kept in copper vessels at night, even today it is beneficial. By keeping water in a copper vessel for at least 4 hours and using it daily, the properties of copper get absorbed in it and the body remains healthy.

2. Take sleep to rest the body-

It is believed that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for the body. Sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health! It is often seen that both sleep and food affect your daily work, that is, if you do more physical work, you will feel more hungry and if you do relaxing work, which does not involve physical work, you will feel less hungry. This is what happens with sleep! The body should wake up automatically after a certain period of rest.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine
Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

3. Keep fasting to relax the stomach-

The activities that occur naturally in our body are called Mandal, that is, this cycle of 40 to 48 cycles continues. The entire duration of this is 2 to 3 days and on that day the body does not need to eat food. There is one day in 15 days when you will not feel like eating and you should not eat on that day. This is the day of cleaning inside the body. For this, the belief is that if old customs and mythological ideology are followed or in other Hindu societies, Ekadashi fast is observed, which comes twice a month. The meaning is that you should also give rest to your stomach for health.

4. Stay connected to the ground and five elements-

In olden times, people did not have so many resources, so much so that most of the people used to walk barefoot. Because according to the acupressure method, it also affects our bodies. In this way, earlier all people were connected with nature. Due to pure air, physical exertion, pure food etc., they used to fall sick less. Walking on stones, in mud, in fields, in water etc. was a common thing. Nowadays we never walk barefoot anywhere except on concrete floors! Have you ever walked barefoot on the grass? The enjoyment of nature which was enjoyed earlier cannot be seen in today’s noisy environment. Cow dung also has a positive effect on kutcha houses.

5. Do regular exercise or physical labour-

Make time for at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. You don’t need to go to the gym and do hard exercises. Whether you walk, do household chores, do yoga, ride a bicycle, visit the garden or do whatever you can according to your physical condition and age, make it a rule to do it daily, this will help you keep your body active. Because if the body remains in motion, all its organs will continue to work, just like if a machine is kept closed, its parts get jammed, similarly keeping your body moving as well.


6. Take Vitamin D from sunlight-

Whatever age you may be, staying in the morning sunlight for some time is beneficial for the body. Especially the elderly must take sunlight! This supplies Vitamin D and is also beneficial for your skin.

7. Eat healthy food-

If you want to stay away from obesity, high blood pressure, heart, diabetes etc. then always eat healthy food. There should be less oil in the food, stay away from spicy, strong tastes and junk foods. Minimize the use of sugar and salt! Have simple food! Use coarse grains! Eat as many green vegetables as possible! Include seasonal fruits in your diet! Always eat food on time! Fish is very beneficial for non-vegetarians as fish is considered a source of high-quality protein and healthy fats, especially fish, such as salmon, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and various other nutrients.

8. Sit with a straight back-

you sit in the office or anywhere for a long time, keep your back or spine straight, that is, sit straight! It affects most of the body parts. According to modern methods, rest means sitting with back leaning or bending. But sitting like this will never give rest to the body parts. Nowadays, there are comfort chairs for long journeys by car etc., in which the back is not straight but is inclined. It is believed that one thousand km. If you travel, you lose 3 to 5 months.

9. Reduce the use of medicines-

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine
Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

You should not take medicines on your own without consulting the doctor because it can have side effects. Many medicines have side effects on the body and you don’t even realize it! As far as possible, taking daily medicines if not required can be harmful.

10. Do not let there be a shortage of water-

The body needs water in a prescribed quantity. One must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily! Don’t let your body lack water! Rinse your mouth without waking up in the morning. Drinking lukewarm water is very beneficial because the saliva of the mouth is also beneficial.

11. Use pure spices and herbs-

Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine
Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Daily Healthy Routine

Nature has amazing herbs which are very useful. Like turmeric gati, ginger, red chilli akhi etc. Like in old times, people used to grind these spices for cooking. It is completely pure and does not contain any kind of adulteration. Nowadays, chemicals are mixed in everything, even green vegetables have left their original form and have become artificial in the greed for more production and profit. Unfortunately, organic products are difficult to find.

12. Do this in the morning-

According to Ayurveda, there are many things to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. By taking natural and Ayurvedic products like Loki juice, honey and cinnamon, neem leaves, turmeric milk, Harsingar leaves etc. regularly as per your health and with the advice of experts, you will remain healthy. Be sure to have breakfast! Include protein and carbohydrates and seasonal fruits etc. in breakfast.

13. Other things –

 Include milk and fruits in your daily diet!
 Water should be drunk after 1 or 2 hours of eating.
 Eat food slowly and chew it!
 One should eat while sitting on the ground!
 Use the right oil in food!
 Do an oil massage of the whole body once a week.
 Use less sugar and salt!
 Reduce tea/coffee intake!
 Have dinner less than when you are hungry, i.e. keep your stomach somewhat empty, and eat it 2 hours before sleeping.
 After having dinner in the evening, take a short walk!
 Do your hobby!
 Spend time with friends and family!
 Always stay busy and stay cool!

By Nitesh