Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for healthPalm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health

 Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health

Always look at the ingredients on the food packet, if palm oil is found in it, then avoid consuming such food. Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health.

Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health

Side Effects of Palm Oil:

 Avoid using palm oil as it is dangerous for the heart, constipation, liver,Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health.

Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in the tropics of Africa, Southeast Asia, and parts of Brazil. The fruit of the tad is called palm in English. The oil that is made from the palm tree is called palm oil.

 The use of palm oil in the form of edible oil is proving fatal. Most of the diseases in the world are due to heart. The reason for this can also possibly be food and drink. Palm oil does not melt even in its body temperature, due to which promotes diseases by staying in the veins. On the other hand, it is being used in most hotels, restaurants, etc. There is a need to be cautious about this. Most of the palm oil in the whole country is imported from Malaysia. It is not made in India.

Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health

This oil does not melt even at body temperature.

Being cheaper than others, the material made from it does not spoil for a long time, due to reasons such as it is being used a lot because of its benefits, while it is harmful to health. It is even more dangerous in autumn. While the shopkeepers are making huge profits due to the adulteration of palm oil, the people who use it regularly are falling prey to heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Unhealthy oil is being used to make cheap snacks. Due to the negligence of the food safety officials, most of the vendors are making Chole Bhature, Tikki, Gol-Gappa, etc. in this palm oil. This results in lower costs and higher profits.

Excessive consumption of palm oil can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. Some people may also be allergic to palm oil. That’s why those people should avoid using palm oil. If a person consumes any particular type of data, then that person must consult his doctor before consuming palm oil. Consuming palm oil in excess increases the risk of heart problems. We also use palm oil in cooking, which is very difficult to digest, patients with constipation should never consume it.

Palm oil not only harms our bodies, but due to its daily consumption, a person becomes unhealthy while walking. Palm oil should never be consumed especially by heart patients.

It is said India that is the country where the maximum oil is consumed in the world. Palm oil is also called palm oil. It is extracted from its fruits. Although there has been a debate about palm trees spreading in a very uncontrolled way. By the way, as far as the use of palm oil is concerned, it is used in different ways in all the food products made in the factory. It is widely used in detergent products.

Of course, we use mustard, coconut, and groundnut oil in cooking, but the vegetable oil available in the market contains a large amount of palm oil. It can be said that palm oil is everywhere in our daily life.

Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health
Palm Oil Facts-Good or bad for health

How palm oil is everywhere in our lives even though it is not used directly in the kitchen

 Oil – Palm oil is blended with all the cooking oils available in India, its quantity may be more or less. But it happens.


 Every type of pizza, whether it is frozen, or contains palm oil, which reduces the process of shrinking.


Palm oil is used in all the noodles we use in the kitchen, be it instant or packaged.

Ice Cream – 

It makes ice cream smooth and creamy


​​When palm oil is refined, it is used in soaps, washing powders, and other cleaning products.

Lipstick – 

It retains the color of the lipstick. Does not allow lipstick to melt at room temperature. Gives smooth application.


It makes chocolate shiny and prevents it from melting at room temperature.


It keeps the cookies in a semi-solid state and prevents them from melting at room temperature as well as makes their test creamy.

Soap – 

Nowadays it is also used in bath soap.

Bread – 

The packed bread that you eat daily also has palm oil mixed in it. This helps in holding it in shape.

Alternatives- Instead of this you can use soybean, sunflower, hemp oil, rice oil, Sarki oil, groundnut oil, etc. Before eating in a hotel, or restaurant, it should be known which oil they use.

300 tonnes of palm oil is being consumed in Ratlam (famous for its salty)

According to the news published in the Patrika newspaper, Ratlam MP dated 29 November 2022, palm oil is making the heart and mind sick. Almost everywhere in the country, palm oil is being used in abundance to make Street, Peck, and Namkeen. There is a reason for this the things made of it do not spoil quickly. And it is cheap. Being used in biscuits, snacks, chips, cookies, etc. According to the news, palm oil contains 50% more triglycerides, which cause heart disease. Diseases related to diabetes, blood pressure, heart, and brain are also happening. With blockage in the arteries, there has been a bad effect on fertility. This bed increases cholesterol. It is imported from Indonesia and Malaysia. get into junk food Palm oil harms health in many ways.

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By Nitesh