Old Parents Care Old Parents Care

 Old Parents Care

 Ageing is a natural process. Which is a part of everyone’s life. At this age, how to take care of our elderly parents at home, understand their suffering, and solve it should be considered. Old Parents Care

Old Parents Care

One day, our parents may not be able to drive, climb stairs, walk, or maybe even change their clothes or eat themselves. But our parents may one day recover and require more care, so the more we prepare in advance, the less stressful it can be for our entire family. No one wants to think about their parents at the end of their days, let alone talk about it, even though many of us have never been with our parents for their living arrangements or their wishes, But, let’s not discuss things like long-term care, legacies, and last-minute wishes.  Old Parents Care

 After the parents get old, their hearts become like a child. Can get angry about small things, and can demand some fast from you. You will try to understand their point of view. One should never get angry about the small things of the parents. Keep this thing in mind, the way you are serving your parents today, tomorrow your children will serve you in the same way. We need to spend time with them along with taking care of them at the right time by keeping the right thoughts about them.

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Old Parents Care

 1. Health checkup, first task –

Health checkups are very important to take care of health problems due to the ageing process. With increasing age senile cataracts, glaucoma, nerve deafness, osteoporosis and joint, back pain, failure of special senses, and change in mental outlook are natural. Special attention should be paid to chronic diseases in elderly people such as heart disease, cancer, rheumatic diseases, chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and respiratory diseases such as diseases of the genitourinary system.

It is essential for all these that all the body check-ups should be done from time to time and accordingly, attention should be paid to food and daily activities.

 2- Physical exercise and mobility –

Regular exercise and physical activity can have a direct impact on your parent’s daily life. All of these benefits can help them stay strong and fit enough to do their daily activities, so encourage them to move around and maintain their independence. Show interest in doing physical labour according to their behaviour and according to their choice. This physical labour can be any of the following-

 Morning jogging, aerobics, brisk walking, playing with your grandchildren, working in the garden, cleaning, playing a sport, doing household chores, lifting weights or doing any other strength work, climbing stairs, from a nearby shop Going to picking up goods, riding a bicycle, etc. can be work. Light exercise and the balanced practice of yoga can improve their ability to control and maintain their body position.

 3. For balance, check if there is any disorder –

Many times you find that your parents are not able to walk properly, are not able to hear what you are saying or they are unsteady, not understanding things, not speaking properly, eating Have a taste disorder, which can be due to some problem. 

Do not ignore this. Many of us take our sense of taste for granted, but taste disorders can have a negative impact on our health and quality of life. If your parent is having trouble with taste, they need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

 4. Sleep and Rest

Sleep time and activities keep changing according to our age. Children and teenagers need more sleep than adults. Interestingly, older adults need the same amount of sleep as younger adults – six to eight hours of sleep per night. 

It has been observed that more elderly people do not fall asleep quickly, one reason is that they often have more trouble sleeping. It could be a sleep disorder.

 5. Food and drink-

It is good to stay healthy and fit if we choose a mix of nutrient-rich foods for our parents every day. Nutrient-rich foods are foods that contain a lot of nutrients but relatively few calories. Look for foods that contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Decide the menu of food according to the condition of the body and on the advice of the doctor. Consuming green vegetables and fruits is beneficial. They can eat different types of fruits daily according to their health condition. Fruits offer the benefits of natural fibre, so choose more fresh fruit than fruit juice. You can include walnuts and linseed along with milk, and curd, cow’s milk is excellent for this.

Old Parents Care

 6. Drinking water –

Consume the proper amount of water daily. Lack of water in the body can also cause many diseases, keep in mind that an adequate amount of water should be drunk daily.

 7. Use of sugar-

As far as possible, consume less sugar or sugar. Take tea and coffee without sugar or in less quantity. People with diabetes should avoid this. Consume sugary foods only as per the advice of the doctor.

 8. Find out the needs and wants of your parents:

Apart from health, it is our duty to keep them happy and comfortable in their old age. They are not able to do their work on their own, so now they are our responsibility. Ask about their plans and wishes and try to fulfil them. 

Do not put pressure on them for anything. Nowadays, parents are unable to speak because of the behaviour of any member of the house and live under pressure. You find out about their desire to be independent. If the parent is living away from you, you should observe your parent’s current health status and ability to live independently, along with your siblings, to see if they need assistance now. required or not. 

Remember your childhood and remember the sacrifices made by your parents in life for you.

 9. Create a safe environment:

Take care of your parents the way they take care of their children. However, there is an important difference between caring for children and caring for the elderly. We expect children to grow up, acquire skills and be independent in the future. 

On the other hand, the elderly can potentially become frail, forget the skills they used to have, and become less able to care for themselves as time goes on. Creating a safe environment means acknowledging their potential, and not forcing them to do something they are not comfortable with. 

There is a saying that old age and childhood are the same. This means we need to take care of our parents like children. Keep them in such an environment that they like, what to do, where to go, whom to meet, what to eat, what to see, what to hear etc. Can help the elderly cope with their illness and infirmity. Help negotiate meetings with family and friends to make it accessible to you, or walk with them on walks to the neighbourhood park and talk to them.  Old Parents Care.

By Nitesh