How to reduce stress

In today’s era, everyone has stress. Everyone has different reasons for stress. The main three reasons are (1) memories of the past, (2) hopes of the present, and (3) fear of the future, all these three things give tension. If you keep worrying about the golden memory of the past and the future, then you can lose the present! Stress is the cause of all diseases! Even the biggest player gets stressed and loses. How to reduce stress

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When we are under stress, our body, mind, heart, and mind are all affected. Reasons- deterioration of your daily routine, lack of self-confidence, not being able to work hard, deterioration of work, inferiority complex, wrong decision-making, scolding by elders, excessive work in the office or conflict with a boss, loss in business There can be many reasons, etc. If stress persists for a long time, you can have depression and panic attacks. In a state of stress, your body language gives an indication of your mental state and the energy of your physical system.

How to reduce stress-

We spend half our lives acquiring health wealth and then spend that wealth on getting our health back. This may be the case. Stress is a burden! To reduce this he is fearless in his mental state. They are only moments of tension when a man takes such a step that he should not do! Even people commit crimes and even commit suicide, which is not right. The burden of this stress increases further when that person does not tell his pain to anyone. He comes to mind what will people say? Most people do not share their pain with anyone in the insistence of saving their respect, honour, and dignity.

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How to reduce stress

What to do in case of stress?

In a situation of tension, first, think with a cool head. Keep your thoughts positive! Do not hide your problem and consult a friend, trusted person, or close relative, they may have a solution! Whenever there is tension about something, activate the body. Take a deep breath, exercise, or take a walk. Do not consume alcohol and drugs under any circumstances, it can give you negative thoughts. It often happens that in tension, a person expresses his anger on someone else, that is, even an unknown person gets to know about your mental state and gesture. Don’t let this happen.

Do not let stress dominate-

Strengthen yourself! Take it lightly once, don’t let it dominate your mind too much! Take a long breath for some time and what happened is done, now I have to come out of it and think about who can help me with this!

Be busy

If you do not feel like doing what you are doing, then leave it for some time and do some work of your choice, so that your mind will be calm and you will be able to do your work well again. Try to keep yourself busy in case of stress. Yoga and exercise – the most important things

Yoga and exercise

If you are under stress then do yoga. In this, you can do two actions (1) Anunom Vilom and (2) Kripalbhati This will make you feel comfortable by controlling your breath! Take out some time in your daily routine for yoga and exercise, it will prove to be very helpful for you to stay healthy and reduce stress.

Have a good sleep

Inadequate sleep only adds to your stress. Having a good sleep will leave you feeling refreshed!

Acknowledge the problem

If you’re in trouble, admit it and try to find a way out, even if it means asking someone for help, don’t hesitate! By doing this you will feel lighter and you will be able to find a solution to that problem.

Take care of your own health

It is often seen that people do not take care of eating and drinking during times of stress, while in such times they do not eat or eat less. According to the routine, you do not take enough food on time, due to which you will not be able to sleep and your health will not be good. Maintain a daily routine because if your health is good, then you will be able to find a solution.

How to reduce stress

 Ask yourself-

If you are under stress then answer questions to yourself in solitude. Note down the answer to solve the problem. Find out the reasons and try to rectify them. You will see that you will see many ways of solving!

Take a deep long breath

It is true that whenever we are in trouble or our mind is not able to take any decision, then by sitting in the right posture and taking deep breaths slowly, you will become normal and within a short time, you will get the energy that you need to do the right thing. Even if you are feeling very angry, try this activity, you will feel calm!

Spend more time with family

Spend most of your time among loved ones, and avoid being alone! Talk about other things while staying among friends and relatives, by doing this you will feel mentally well.

Be responsible, don’t expect anything from the world –

Do not blame others for your deeds, and do not expect anyone to help you or save you, because the person you trust and do not help you, then you get hurt a lot, and that is why you get too stressed! If you have a helper, he will definitely help you, but this cannot be your right! It depends on your behaviour towards others and how respectable life you are living!


By Nitesh