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 Winter Sweet Fenugreek (Methi Laddoos) Sweets Recipes

A recipe is rich in health-enhancing vitamins in the winter season. Winter Sweet Fenugreek (Methi Laddoos) Sweets Recipe. Winter Sweet Fenugreek

Winter Sweet Fenugreek (Methi Laddoos) Sweets Recipe

By eating in winter, the body remains healthy throughout the year. This means its effect lasts for the whole year, that’s why people of old age consume it regularly every year. Due to this, arthritis, bone pain, stomach problem, joint pain, etc. get a lot of relief. It gives heat to the body in winter. 

It contains all the nutritious substances which are organic. It has to be taken early in the morning. By eating this, you get plenty of calories, and you do not feel hungry too quickly, due to which there is control over eating. It has also been mentioned in Ayurveda. Consumption of fenugreek laddoos (A type of sweet) is considered very beneficial for increasing the immunity of the body. Please tell me that the effect of fenugreek is very hot. 

In such a situation, it is mostly used in winter. Fenugreek ladoo(A type of sweet) is a traditional recipe that is used less as a sweet but more in medicinal form. It is used to feed the mother after delivery or as a medicine for back or joint pain in winter.

Fenugreek is bitter and is very beneficial for digestion, it is eaten as a vegetable. Eating vegetables with green leaves of this plant cleans the stomach. Gum and fenugreek (A type of sweet) laddoos taste very tasty in winter. Apart from giving heat and energy to the body, eating these laddoos removes all kinds of pain problems.

It is generally eaten in winter only, so people above 40 years of age should consume it.

Ingredients for making fenugreek(A type of sweet) laddus-

Fenugreek seeds powder 250 grams, desi jaggery 500 grams, ghee pure 1 kg, (dhawade’s) desi gum powdered 300 grams, cashew 150 grams, almond 150 grams, copra powder 250 grams, pistachio 100 grams, makhana 100 grams, charoli 50 grams, cardamom 20 grams, kharak 200 grams. Cut cashew nuts, almonds, charoli out of these, and make powder of all the rest.

This recipe is made with all-natural ingredients to maintain its quality.

Winter Sweet Fenugreek (Methi Laddoos) Sweets Recipe

Method of making fenugreek seeds ladoo-(A type of sweet)

First, mix fenugreek powder in jaggery well, and grind both by hand. After this, heat the ghee lightly, and keep mixing all of them with ghee one after the other. Keep adding ghee in all the mixture according to the requirement, until it becomes like making (A type of sweet) laddoos, then stop adding ghee. Now press it down to make round laddus. As shown in the picture. Now it is ready to be made. You can also take one piece laddu every morning on an empty stomach. Breakfast and healthy dessert both.

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