CIBIL Score–Correct it like thisCIBIL Score–Correct it like this

Don’t be worried about the CIBIL score decreasing due to the bank’s mistake, fix it like this.

If your CIBIL score has been affected due to the bank’s mistake, then you should think seriously about improving it, because if the CIBIL score improves, you may face difficulty in taking loans in future. Now the question arises what are the ways to improve the deteriorated CIBIL score? How can this be kept right?

CIBIL Score–Correct it like this
CIBIL Score–Correct it like this

First of all, find out the reasons for affecting CIBIL score. For this, you will have to take your CIBIL report. In fact, banks send information related to your loan account or credit card to CIBIL. Sometimes mistakes also happen in this process. Due to these mistakes of the bank, your CIBIL score also gets spoiled. It is also seen that the loan which you have repaid is also visible in the outstanding.

In such a case, you have to present your side by filling out the dispute request form on the CIBIL website. A department of CIBIL will consider this and contact the lender in case of a loan account. It may take about 30 days to heal.

The danger of identity theft –

Sometimes serious mistakes also happen, like you have not taken any loan and the outstanding is visible in the CIBIL score. This could be a case of identity theft. If you see something like this, you should immediately inform CIBIL. Sybil also takes it seriously.

Where should one complain –

In this regard, give written notice to the nodal officer of the bank. According to this either the bank should correct the mistake or give complete details about that wrong entry, if the bank or CIBIL does not take any action for 30 days, then complain about the same to the Bank Ombudsman. CIBIL Score–Correct it like this


What to do to avoid mistakes –

After correcting the CIBIL mistakes, you should pay the credit card and loan instalments on time. Always apply for a new credit card or loan only after thinking carefully. This will keep your CIBIL score in check.

DPD will tell where the mistake happened –

Your credit report contains complete information about bank accounts, loans and credit cards. If the information related to your identity and accounts in the CIBIL score is correct, then how many days has there been a delay in the payment of DPD i.e. credit card bill or any other bill? Gore on it. DPD tells how many days a payment has been delayed in a particular month. If it is more than 000 then your CIBIL score is affected. Apart from this, the information written below Written Off or Settled tells you where you have defaulted in the past, and this is also the primary reason for the decrease in CIBIL score.

CIBIL Score–Correct it like this
CIBIL Score–Correct it like this

To improve your CIBIL score and keep it correct, keep the following things in mind-

Pay your loan and credit card dues on time.

By repeatedly searching or applying for loans etc., CIBIL gets information about how many times you have tried. Many times you search and apply and even if the loan is not available, it appears in CIBIL, this may be due to the application or search from some company.

Be careful while applying online and taking information.

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