Stomach and digestive problemsStomach and digestive problems

Nowadays, due to market food and untimely daily routine, stomach problems have become common. Every day many people suffer from constipation, not being able to defecate properly, and suffering from stomach-related diseases. If you want to get rid of all these diseases, then instead of expensive treatment, it can be treated with the things available at home. Because most diseases occur due to not having a clean stomach. That’s why our digestion must be correct for a healthy life. Stomach and digestive problems.

If you do not clean your stomach properly in the morning. Defecation is difficult, you can fix it by doing this home remedy. In this, some measures affect you with immediate effect and some have to be regularized. It is necessary to get rid of waste material easily from our bodies.

Stomach and digestive problems
Stomach and digestive problems

Isufgol –(Ayurveda medicine)

It can be used for instant relief. Taking 1 spoon of powder with lukewarm water clears the stomach in no time. Too much of it can be harmful. Stomach and digestive problems

Mulethi and Jaggery – (natural medicine)

Mixing half a teaspoon of liquorice and jaggery and taking it with lukewarm water is beneficial.

Pure ghee and milk-

Mixing half a teaspoon of ghee in hot milk and drinking it will lighten the stomach, which means you will be able to defecate easily.

Stomach and digestive problems
Stomach and digestive problems


Figs are very beneficial! Keep it soaked in water at night, and eat it with lukewarm water in the morning.

Lemon and honey-

It can also be used with lukewarm water. This is also beneficial for the stomach.

Ajwain and cumin-

Whenever there is a pain in the stomach or getting gas, then it is very useful! Taking the powder of both with water gives instant relief.

Home Remedies with Ayurveda

Castor oil –

Its use gives instant benefit! Use it in limited quantity otherwise, diarrhea may also occur. Can be taken once a week for stomach disorders.

Fenugreek seeds –

Taking its powder with warm water gives instant relief from pain and loose stools.

Regular daily intake-

Hot Water-

One should wake up in the morning on an empty stomach before eating anything and drink warm water daily according to one’s capacity. This will make it easier for you to get fresh.

Apple or apple vinegar-

You can also have it with breakfast. A good apple can be used daily. Stomach and digestive problems

Curd and Buttermilk –

You can include it in your food menu! Drinking a glass of buttermilk daily is beneficial for the stomach. You can also take curd and buttermilk with food.

green vegetables –

Apart from making vegetables by eating green vegetables, it can also be taken by making juice. Eating green vegetables is beneficial for the health of the body. It should be used more and more.

bottle gourd –

Apart from removing stomach disorders, it is also beneficial in reducing weight. Regular consumption of bottled gourd juice in the morning reduces obesity and weight.

Aloe vera juice-

Nowadays many types of flavored juices are available in the market. Taking it daily in the morning and evening keeps the stomach clean. It is also effective in other diseases.


This is Ayurvedic powder, which is beneficial for health. You can use it regularly too! Taking it with lukewarm water after having food at night clears the stomach in the morning. I use it myself in Triphala powder! It’s good and cheap too! You can also buy this product of Patanjali from the link given below.

Stomach and digestive problems
Stomach and digestive problems

By Nitesh