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Winter Health Tips-Sardiyon me Swasth Kese Rahe

As soon as the cold season starts, it starts affecting your skin, body and physical activities. In winter, hunger increases and physical exertion reduces. But if you start the morning with small things, then this season can prove to be a boon for your health and beauty.

Winter is here and it’s a busy time of exciting food and family dinners. However, as we are getting ready for the charming winter, it is also important that we do not forget the unpleasant side of the season, such as the drop in temperatures and other related factors that can cause many health problems, which many Also called problems. Winter diseases or weather change diseases that need to be known about. Winter healthy tips.

Winter Health Tips
Winter Health Tips

Necessary information-

  • Exercise before leaving bed –

As soon as you are about to get up from bed, do some light exercise like tensing and then relaxing your body. By doing this your body temperature will increase. Your day will be spent well.

  • Bath and refreshment –

Do not give much importance to soap in bathing, soap has an effect on your skin. Apply any kind of ointment. Rub the arms, legs, knees, back and neck with the paste and then take a bath. Then wipe the body with a rough towel. Such a bath will make you feel fresh, energetic and warm.

  • Eat food –

These days, one feels more hungry and feels more cold on an empty stomach. Have a nutritious breakfast in the morning. Eat food that provides energy. In this, consume protein, cheese, milk, grains, potatoes, fresh fruits and green vegetables. It is also good to have hot soup these days.

Winter sweets fenugreek (Methi laddus) Recipes

Winter Health Tips
Winter Health Tips
  • Nutritious winter laddu (Type of Sweets) –

Many types of nutritious sweets are made in winter, but fenugreek laddus are especially made in this season. It is beneficial in joint pain and stomach-related disorders.

  • Wear warm clothes –

Select clothes according to the weather. Adopt bright colours. A good way to protect yourself from cold is to wear several warm clothes with thin layers instead of one heavy warm coat. It would be better if the inner clothes were made of cotton only. Don’t shy away from wearing gloves and socks, these will provide you comfort and also protect your skin.

  • Walk on foot –

If you are working and the office is not too far from your home, then if possible, go on foot. This will increase blood circulation, which will reduce cold. Minimize the use of lifts in this season. Climb the stairs two to four times a day. This will exercise the body and also bring warmth. If your work does not involve much walking, then whenever you get time, walk at a brisk pace around the house for some time. Walking provides heat to the body.

  • Protect hands and feet from cracks –

Protect heels and lips from cracking. Protect yourself from the cold by massaging your feet. Wear socks with slippers at home. Often the skin starts cracking in winter. Keep applying Vaseline and chapstick on the lips, this will prevent them from drying.

  • Wear fun colours –

Along with wearing fresh clothes, do makeup also with fresh colours. Different shades of brown or red lipstick will look great these days. If you do eye makeup then use grey, brown, golden and bright-coloured eye shadows.

  • Room temperature –

Do not sleep in a very hot or air-conditioned room. This will save you from cold, but when you wake up in the morning, you will find yourself feeling lethargic instead of feeling refreshed.

Winter Health Tips
Winter Health Tips
  • Moisturizer is the best companion –

These days, along with cold winds, sunlight also has a major impact on the skin. Therefore, use a moisturizer along with cold cream. To maintain skin moisture, also use petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, glycerin etc. These moisturizing ingredients will also protect the skin.

  • Facial cleansing-

Clean your face daily with cleansing milk. Winter care lotion compensates for the lack of both cold cream and moisturizer. Choose lotion from a good company for these days. There will be no additional effect of weather on your skin.

  • Avoid infection-

To avoid the common cold, do not use the personal belongings of an infected person like towels and handkerchiefs.

  • During cold-attack-

Stay at home as much as possible. Take special care of the children and elders of your house. Keep your ears and mouth covered while going out in the open.

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