Piles causes and home remediesPiles causes and home remedies

 piles cause and home remedies

Sitting and standing for a long time can lead to piles and slip disc problems. Piles causes and home remedies

Piles causes and home remedies


According to one piece of information, 60 per cent of people have piles at some time in their life. This is due to swelling or wart formation in the lower part of the rectum. It hurts a lot! There are two types of it! 1. Bari 2. Blood does not come in bloody bari, but the itching, burning, and swelling remain.

Possible symptoms – 

The feeling of hard lumps around the anus, bleeding with stool, the feeling of not clearing the stomach even after defecation, pain during defecation, itching, and redness there, and frequent urge to defecate, but passing stool Not passing stool on time, etc. Piles causes and home remedies

Reason – 

For people who stand or sit for a long time or work for long hours, the problem of constipation persists, stress, taking low fibre diet, eating more chillies and spices, getting intoxicated, and not doing physical work!


Straining during bowel movements.

Chronic constipation


To smoke

Eating more meat

More about Ayurvedic Home Remedies 

Ayurvedic medicine is beneficial for piles, but out of 4 steps can be cured till 1st and 2nd, but for 3rd and 4th step surgery may be required with allopathic.

Some easy remedies – 

1 –  Aloe vera 

Aloe vera pulp and soaked figs can also be eaten for the problem of constipation. Take one spoonful of apple vinegar in a glass of water daily. Apply olive oil to the wart. Mix ajwain and black salt in buttermilk and consume it.

The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of aloe vera reduce the burning sensation of piles, and there is no problem with constipation. It is beneficial in treating both internal and external piles. Apply aloe vera gel to warts outside the anus. It soothes burning and itching. Eat 200-250 grams of aloe vera pulp. This will cause constipation and ease bowel movements.

1 -Desi Ghee (butter)

Desi Ghee is well known for its qualities. To get rid of the problem of piles, prepare a mixture by mixing a pinch of turmeric in desi ghee and applying it regularly on the piles’ area, you can get rid of the piles’ problem within a few days.

2 – Arshakalp Vati (A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

It is good medicine for piles and digestion prepared from herbs. It is very beneficial, it removes the problems while passing stool.

3 – Isabgol (A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Taking Isabgol cleanses the stomach and makes it easier to pass stool. It contains a lot of fibre which is beneficial in many other diseases. Take about 10 grams of Yusabgol powder mixed with a glass of milk. it should not be eaten directly.

Piles causes and home remedies

4 – Kakayanvati (A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Kakayanvati is an Ayurvedic medicine, it cures the accumulation of blood around the anus and cleanses the veins. Its regular use provides relief from pain and swelling. Increases appetite and provides relief from constipation.

5 -Triphala Guggal 

(A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Using Triphala Guggal reduces infection and is considered effective for piles disease.

6 -Fig

Figs are eaten after soaking in water, it is beneficial in piles, as well as cures stomach-related diseases. Piles causes and home remedies

7 -Manjishta-

(A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Manjishta is very beneficial in cleaning the blood, cancer, kidney, diarrhoea, tumour and especially in wound healing.

8 – Haritaki-

(A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Haritaki is a good medicine of Ayurveda. Cures digestion-related diseases. It is beneficial for all the problems in piles.
Piles causes and home remedies

9 -Suran-

(A type of Ayurvedic medicine)

Suran’s medicine is very beneficial for bloody piles. It is used for worms in the stomach, bleeding with stool, itching, constipation etc.
Piles disease can be cured in the beginning, for this you can use the above-mentioned medicine with the advice of a specialist. If the disease is severe, take the doctor’s advice, nowadays it is treated with laser method and also in modern ways.

By Nitesh