Camphor Diffuser Kapur Dani Electrical, with On Off Switch to Toggle Between Burner & Lamp

According to Vastu Shastra and Puranic belief, it is beneficial to burn camphor incense.
This eliminates negative energy and creates positive energy in the house. Mosquitoes do not even come by burning camphor cakes dipped in neem oil! Many types of small germs also die from the aroma of camphor. We’ve got a pan for you to use!
This incense pan is an electric machine, in which by putting a piece of cake or camphor, it runs by turning it on! this is very useful and beneficial for health.

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About this item

·         SPIRITUAL: Create a spiritual atmosphere at home. Use our kapur dani electric while meditating, Yoga, or even studying. The pleasant aromas will lift your spirits up and create a positive atmosphere at home.

·         ON OFF SWITCH: Don’t want the burner but still like the LED lamp light? Well, for the first time, switch and toggle between the burner and night lamp light with a simple On-Off switch on the side. No other diffusers have this feature.

·         FEEL GOOD: Do you feel good when you enter a place of worship? Now get that positive atmosphere in your own home. Put some camphor or bakhoor on the burner and your home will be filled with spiritual aromas and positive energy.

·         MAKE IN INDIA: Made in India. You will get the design exactly as shown in the main image. Visit our store to choose more designs. 200% Guarantee of a peaceful and Spiritual atmosphere in your beautiful home.

·         switchable Electric Ceramic Fragrance Diffuser for Camphor/Essential Oils/Bakhoor. Perfect Puja item for a temple.

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By Nitesh