truth of indian pharmaceutical companytruth of indian pharmaceutical company

 Question on the credibility of the Indian pharmaceutical industry – the truth of the pharmaceutical company

According to the article published by the founder of Rajasthan Patrika dated 08 October 2022, a company of Haryana in India has put a stain of infamy abroad! While on the one hand, India has made a name for itself in developing the vaccine and reaching many countries! A company in Haryana killed 66 children in the African country of Gambia, some deadly elements are present in four kaff saraf and their excess! On this, the World Health Organization had to come into action! the truth of Indian pharmaceutical company

An investigation was done, in which it was proved that the lethal elements of cough syrup caused non-healing wounds to the kidneys of these children, which became the reason for their death. The truth of Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Truth of Indian pharmaceutical company

Advisory issued by the WHO about this Indian syrup around the world! This has put a blot on India’s reputation! The incident is also going to raise serious questions on the system of India whether the necessary researchers and their findings for cough syrup are being looked into deeply with us or not! Even after becoming Sirf, the bench is checked! 

The question was given whether this fact came to the fore that there are dangerous elements and their excess in the syrup! If it came, how did it get approval? After this, how did these medicines go to be sold in the international market?

This is the first case of death of such a large number of people in the world due to Indian medicine. But the country is not unaware of the fact that examples of substandard as well as counterfeit medicines are constantly coming to the fore! There is a report from the government itself that in the country, Jammu and Kashmir have the highest 17 percent of medicines of substandard quality! 

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In Himachal Pradesh, the hub of medicine, it is 7 percent! The example of Haryana is in front, which has brought disrepute to India all over the world. The problem is that even in the cases of manufacturing substandard medicines that come to the notice of the government (even after coming to the knowledge), action is taken only in 15-20 percent! Even the mild provisions of suspending the license for only 5-10 days in the name of action are also encouraging to the pharmaceutical companies! These have to be hardened for the medicine to become quality!

Truth of Indian pharmaceutical company

In India, the difference in prices is clearly visible in the name of the generic drug and that of the private one. In such a situation, the government needs to take this more strict step! Through this article, there is a dire need for the common people to become aware, to make a united effort to change its law, and to agitate! There should be some provision for the medicine company to sell it at the prescribed rate only.

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By Nitesh