About Cancer – Some Cancers Cause These Too

 Cancer affects your lifestyle- lifestyle, and cancer risk

According to Bhaskar Khas London Agency, the disease of cancer growing at a young age is a challenge and a big problem too! According to the statistics of the Global Cancer Observatory, breast prostate, and thyroid cancers are happening the most under the age of 50 years! Obesity, making a bad lifestyle a victim of cancer! There are many reasons for this! Some things to note and their reasons-

About Cancer - Some Cancers Cause These Too

Fast food culture

In all the countries of the world, fast food has been adopted leaving traditional food and drink! Because of this, the cases of cancer are increasing. There is a high chance of getting cancer by eating more fried, roasted, and, things made in old and repeatedly heated oil. 

Eating plastic utensils and eating more meat also increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, always eat pure home-cooked food and avoid eating outside fast food as far as possible. Eating too much spicy can cause stomach cancer. Use balanced food in your diet. Stay away from soft drinks and chemical drinks as far as possible.

Obesity –

Obesity is a disease in itself that is causing many diseases. Cancer is also one of them! The problem of obesity is increasing in the developed countries of the world. Most people in America are upset! It is essential to keep a balance of weight. Take care of your health and control obesity in your daily routine through yoga/exercise, or in other ways.

About Cancer - Some Cancers Cause These Too

Intoxication from smoking/alcohol and tobacco-

Especially due to excessive consumption of tobacco and smoking cigarettes, or other such substances, oral cancer is the highest. Cancer is more common in those who start drinking alcohol at a young age. Consuming more than one amount of alcohol and drinking on an empty stomach increases the risk. So stay away from smoking tobacco and do not use alcohol too much!

Microbiome –

Viruses, bacteria, and fungi have been researched for a long time, but it is believed that virus infections like hepatitis and HPV can cause cancer.

It can cause colon cancer!

 Decreased physical activity

According to a research report published in the journal Nature, a stressful lifestyle, in which there is a lot of running, but there is no space or time for exercise, yoga, sports, etc. These things are giving us the disease of cancer. Women who did not breastfeed their children till the age of 35 are also at high risk of breast cancer.



By Nitesh