Home remedies for weight loss obesityHome remedies for weight loss obesity

Obesity is one of the most prominent problems of today’s time. This problem is more common in cities than in villages. Where we are facing the problem of obesity, on the other hand, many other diseases are also coming into the grip of it. According to a report, every fourth person is troubled by the problem of obesity. Generally, for many people, losing weight is not a big problem. But they have to work very hard to reduce the fat accumulated around the stomach. Home remedies for weight loss obesity


Obesity is one of the biggest diseases caused by today’s lifestyle. This disease is spread all over the world. Many people in India are troubled due to obesity. Due to obesity, people are unable to do their work properly and become victims of many other diseases.

What is obesity? Home remedies for weight loss obesity

Obesity is the increase in body weight and fat. Our body accumulates more calories etc. than labor, which gets accumulated in the form of fat because the food you have eaten is not spent, it leads to obesity!

You can check your weight by BMI on our website. If your BMI is less than 18.5 then you will be considered underweight. Home remedies for weight loss obesity

If your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 then your weight is normal.

Homemade Ayurveda tips to reduce obesity –

Home remedies for weight loss obesity
Home remedies for weight loss obesity

1-Drinking hot water-

You try to drink lukewarm water. By drinking lukewarm water, the metabolism becomes active and helps in reducing weight. You will also benefit from drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Home remedies for weight loss obesity

2-Triphala powder

You can take Triphala powder with one teaspoon of Triphala lukewarm water daily at night after meals. Along with correcting your digestion process, it will also reduce your weight.

3- Lemon water –

You can make Shikanji of lemon water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Adding honey to it and drinking it will be even more beneficial.

4- Lauki juice –

This is a panacea for reducing obesity and heart disease! Drinking Loki juice daily with black or rock salt will reduce your weight quickly! Loki’s vegetables and sweets are also made.

5- Ginger-lemon-cinnamon –

If you drink tea, then take it with ginger in tea. If you drink tea without milk by adding ginger and lemon, it will be more beneficial! You can take cinnamon in hot water with honey and also with tea.

6- Ashwagandha –

You can use Ashwagandha leaves! Consuming one spoonful of Ashwagandha powder and honey mixed with milk will help you reduce obesity.

7- Consumption of apple vinegar-

Mix one teaspoon of apple vinegar and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it. The pectin fibre present in them makes the stomach feel full for a long time. It helps reduce the fat stored in the liver.

8- Consumption of cabbage

Use more and more cabbage in food. It can be boiled or used as a salad. The tartaric acid present in it does not allow the carbohydrates present in the body to be converted into fat. That’s why it is useful!

9- Cardamom and Fennel-

Eating two grains of cardamom before sleeping drinking hot water from above and boiling fennel in water and drinking it will be beneficial in reducing obesity!

10- Use Ragi (Mandua) –

Include ragi in your daily diet. It is a better food to reduce obesity. It slows down the process of digestion, there is less appetite.

11- Amla beneficial –

Vitamin C is found in abundance in it, which is a great anti-oxidant. It helps in flushing out the toxic elements from the body. It helps in increasing metabolism and burning calories. It increases the immunity of the body.

12- Consume these fruits-

Home remedies for weight loss obesity
Home remedies for weight loss obesity

Ginger, papaya, cumin, mustard, fennel, caraway, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, drumstick, spinach, amaranth, etc., etc. should be taken. Jai, barley, millet, Ragi, Moong Dal, lentils, Amla, lemon, honey, turmeric, aloe vera juice, Amla juice, green tea, steamed sprouted grains, etc. should also be consumed.

13- Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables-

One should always eat fruits and vegetables according to the season. Different fruits and vegetables keep coming in every season. Enjoy seasonal fresh vegetables to the fullest!

14- Low-fat milk causes weight loss

Being low in fat, calories are low and calcium is high and this extra calcium reduces weight.

15- Weight loss is caused by light food

Make the food easy to digest! Have a light dinner and keep one part of your stomach empty. Avoid overeating at night! Food should be taken at least 2 hours before sleeping at night. Similarly, if possible, food should be taken before sunset, because after sunset, the digestive fire slows down and there is difficulty in digesting food. Should not sleep during the day. These are effective ways to remove obesity.

16- Eat food only when you have a good appetite

You should eat only when you feel hungry fast. Food should be taken on time and one should eat a little less than the hunger. Food should be eaten slowly after chewing it a lot.

To prevent obesity, your lifestyle should be like this:-

Home remedies for weight loss obesity
Home remedies for weight loss obesity
  • Do yoga or exercise in the morning or go for a walk!
  • Food should be taken two hours before the time of sleeping at night.
  • As far as possible the dinner should be light and easy to digest.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Include nutrients in your food for weight loss.
  • Instead of eating more at once, you can eat little by little!
  • Include in food- green vegetables, fruits, curd, buttermilk, peeled lentils and nuts!
  • Fasting should be observed once a week or fortnight.
  • Eat a balanced diet and exercise. A balanced diet does not increase weight and the person remains healthy. Home remedies for weight loss obesity
  • Never skip food. Must eat three times a day. If you skip one meal out of all three meals, it would result in you consuming more food in the next meal, and due to this, you gain weight.
  • Do have breakfast. The body needs energy to perform physical activities throughout the day, which is not possible without breakfast.
  • Walk fast 2-3 kilometres every morning, after 15 minutes sit on a chair and drink lukewarm water sip by sip. This method is most effective in home remedies for weight loss.
  • Yogasanas like – Triangle Asanabhujangasana, Surya Namaskar, Meditation, and Pranayama like – Bhastrika Krapalbhati should be done daily.
  • Special – Yoga and Exercise
  • Whatever you eat throughout the day, your physical labour is very necessary to digest all the calories you have taken and to keep the body healthy! If you do not do any physical labour then do exercise and yoga or light work during the day. Because when the body remains active then obesity will automatically reduce.

By Nitesh