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Holi Festival in India – History of Holi

Holi is a festival celebrated in India. This is one of the main festivals of Hindus. Apart from Hindus, people of all other religions also celebrate this festival with great pomp. This festival is celebrated with great joy and harmony by applying color or Gulal to each other and feeding them sweets.

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Holi festival is celebrated every year in the month of March in autumn on the full moon day. Before the day of Holi, a type of wood is kept planted, which is known as the punishment for Holi or Holika! Garlands made of cow dung are put on them. Women worship it before Holika Dahan! Wood and flowers are decorated with garlands before burning! This festival is called Dhulendi on the second day of Holika Dahan. Dhulendi is celebrated with all the colours hugging each other and blooming sweets! Special dishes are prepared for this festival, which is traditional. People gather together and go out with drums, children go to every house in groups to collect money for Holi!

The belief behind celebrating Holi

According to the old texts, this is a true story that there was a king whose name was Hiranyakashyap. The king considered himself to be God, he did not respect any other deity, nor did he allow anyone to do so. He had a son whose name was Prahlad. Prahlad was a believer since childhood and the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu! He was always engrossed in devotion to God. His father stopped him many times but he did not agree, the king did not like this matter. The king tried many times to kill him but every time he was saved.

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Holi Festival in India - History of Holi
Holi Festival in India – History of Holi

After getting tired, the king called his sister Holika for help and asked her to kill Prahlad because Holika had a boon that she would not be burnt by fire. He had an AC unit, which did not affect the fire! Together they made a big pile of wood to kill Prahlad under the conspiracy and sat on it with Prahlad! When the fire was given in it and the wood started burning, only then a miracle happened and the Odni (A type of cloth) which Holika had put on top with the wind, Devotee came on Prahlad and Prahlad was saved again Holika got burnt in him! In this way, truth won over evil, and since then this festival is celebrated in the name of Holi.

Precautions to be taken on Holi –

1- Use organic colours instead of chemical colours!

2- Don’t use dirty water! Avoid soaking too long!

3- Often people use alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs on such occasions. Be careful of such people!

4- Avoid playing Holi with any stranger!

5- Any stranger or your enemy can harm you because on this day all are coloured with colours, which is a bit difficult to identify!

6- Some anti-social elements can take advantage of this opportunity and harm you!

7- In such a situation, before playing Holi, it is necessary to moisturize your face well. Before playing Holi, apply coconut oil or mustard oil on the body so that the colour does not stick to the skin. Keep body skin covered as much as possible! Chemical colours also affect hair and skin a lot!

8- Avoid traveling on Holi!

9- Do not collide with unknown groups or play with anyone on the streets!

10- Avoid rowdy Holi parties, which can spoil the mood of the party.

11- Play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives and not with strangers.

By Nitesh