Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

Why is there a headache?

Headache can be due to many reasons and it is of many types, as soon as the name of headache comes, most people are reminded of the pain they had in their old times! Headache due to dehydration is a common thing. Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

Headache relief tricks

Headaches can be due to the following reasons-

Being tense about something.

Doing more physical and mental work than capacity.

Lack of sleep.

Being hungry.

Living in a noisy place.

Due to the activation of more electronic devices around.

By thinking too much about a subject.

Lack of water i.e. due to not drinking enough water.

Abstaining from smelly things.

Taking excessive amounts of caffeine.

By eating too cold.

Talking on the phone for a long time.

By taking more pain reliever medicine.

Useful things for you- Ayurvedic Home Remedies 


Headache relief tricks

General headache

Normal headaches can be due to the above reasons. It is a common pain that remains temporary, which means it can be cured with allopathic or Ayurvedic medicine.


It is also commonly known as half headache or half headache. In this disease, pain is felt in only one part of the head. Its effect lasts for 72 hours! For this mainly family reasons, unstable hormones are considered. This can also happen due to changes in minor girls.

Cluster headache

This type of headache occurs in very few people i.e. 1 or 2 out of 1000 people. It is more painful and dangerous than both the above-mentioned pains. It happens more to men than to women. This can happen several times a week or a month.

 Some Ayurvedic remedies to get relief from headaches –

Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

1- Yoga and meditation –

You are a spiritual person and a little meditation at times like these can do you good. Sitting in solitude, concentrate the mind for some time by diverting attention from all other things. Take long breaths slowly! Will definitely be beneficial. Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

2- Drinking water-

Even less water causes headaches. Drink a sufficient amount of water using cold or hot water according to the weather.

3- Camphor and hot water-

As much hot water as you can tolerate, put one or two tablets of camphor in it and keep both of you immersed in it. With this, you will immediately feel that your blood vessels will be dynamic and you will feel good.

4- Learning of ice –

Putting ice in a cloth and compressing it slowly on the head also gives relief from headaches.

5- Ginger, basil, and lemon juice –

Drinking ginger and lemon juice in equal quantities give relief. Mixing ginger powder in water and making a paste and applying it on the head also gives relief. Boiling raw ginger or powder in water and inhaling its steam also provides relief from pain. Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

Headache relief tricks

Home Remedies- Health Tips

6- Dry ginger –

Grind dry ginger finely and mix goat’s milk in it, put one or two drops in the nose and take a deep breath, it gives instant relief from pain.

7- Acupressure –

In case of a headache, pressing both the other points of the head slowly is beneficial.

8- Clove-

Wrapped in a cloth after roasting cloves and smelling them gives a lot of relief.

9- Other measures –

Cut an apple and eat it by applying rock salt to it. Massage with clove oil. Drink lemon tea. Use mint, basil, and rosemary. Headache Relief Tricks-Home Remedies

By Nitesh