Natural Hair DyeNatural Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye- Nowadays graying of hair has become common at any age. By the way, people use hair dye available in the market and see advertisements. Due to the presence of chemicals in instant hair-darkening products, it can be harmful. Long-term use leads to graying of hair and it is also not good for health. It becomes a habit to apply it. So use Natural Hair Dye.

In general, there are many ways to darken hair naturally in Ayurveda, you will find many articles on Google, in which natural things are told about darkening hair. Natural remedies do not give results so quickly! By doing it regularly and carefully, its effect can be seen after a long time.

It is shown in the advertisements in the market that “without ammonia” but in reality it does not happen. Everyone has some kind of allergic chemicals, yes their name definitely changes. There are three types of chemicals, which are mixed with different names. For example Ammonia,  Peroxide (Natural Hair Dye)

my experience-

I am also allergic to the market dye and color henna. I use any product, I used to be allergic to it. Peak-like blisters started forming in the head and it used to be very itchy. Since then I have stopped dyeing and bought from the market. Because my hair was turning white I wanted to find some other solution so that my problem would be solved.

Natural Hair Dye
Natural Hair Dye

Distressed due to allergies, I contacted a dermatologist. He told me about an Ayurvedic product along with the treatment. I ordered that product online as it was not available in the market and it did not give me any side effects or allergies, since then I have been using this product. People who are allergic can try it once.

To tell you about that product, you can see it in the picture below and buy it online from the link.

This is a powder like henna, which comes in 3 packets. It has to be applied just like henna! Make a paste by mixing it with some hot water.

Apply henna the way you apply it on your head and keep it for 2 hours to get good results.

Natural Therapy Products

Natural Hair Dye
Natural Hair Dye

Online by on Amazon-

Altris HD Hair Hue Therapy (Soft Black) (150 gm)

Home remedies to darken the hair

Onion and Kalonji –

Onion juice turns hair black! By making it a paste and keeping it for 20 to 30 minutes before shedding, the hair turns black! Apart from this, you can also apply onion seeds ie kalonji with coconut oil. Mix Kalonji with coconut oil and heat it well and you can use it regularly. Onion contains vitamins B1 and 6, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin, sulfur, folate, etc. Nowadays onion oil is also available in the market.

Tea and Coffee –

After boiling tea or coffee well, apply it on the hair before taking a bath and wash the hair after 10 to 15 minutes. Use tea for dark hair and coffee for brown.

Flowers of henna, bay leaves, and sycamore-

Mix bay leaf in henna powder and boil it after adding water mix rose flower powder in it and keep it soaked in an iron pot! Soak it at night and apply it to your hair in the morning.

Amla and Fenugreek –

Cut dried gooseberry into pieces and heat it with coconut oil, when the color of the gooseberry starts to come out, make a paste by adding some fenugreek powder to it. Use after cooling.

Apart from this, you can use all these things by mixing them with henna or others.

Natural Hair Dye
Natural Hair Dye

Other substances

Aloe vera and oil, Egg, Curry leaves Black tea, Onion juice, Coconut oil, Lemon, Rosemary and Sage, Amla, Mehandi, Rosehip powder, Lauki, etc.


Use Ayurvedic things, herbs, etc. with expert advice. Can be used only according to the physical condition of the person! According to Ayurveda and Baba Ramdevji, using pomegranate seeds and amla aloe vera juice in the morning will keep your hair black. Wake up early in the morning and include yoga exercises in your daily routine.

By Nitesh