Belly fat- Natural Home RemediesBelly fat- Natural Home Remedies

 Belly fat- Natural Home Remedies

Health is everything, health is wealth! If you are physically fit then everything is there! Nowadays increased weight and fat belly have become the most common problem! Losing weight is not difficult, but reducing belly fat ie fat belly is a difficult task, it takes a lot of hard work! If the stomach comes out, it spoils your appearance. There are remedies for this in Ayurveda! You can do it if you decide! Some remedies and suggestions are given below, using these you can reduce your belly fat!

Belly fat-home remedies
Belly fat-

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An increase in belly fat can lead to the following diseases

• Diabetes especially type-2 diabetes

• Heart disease such as heart block

• heart attack or heart failure

• High blood pressure or hypertension

• brain stroke

• high cholesterol

• Asthma

• Excessive belly fat can cause breast cancer and colon cancer

• stress, anxiety

Belly fat- Natural Home Remedies

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 Belly fat- Natural Home Remedies

What should be done-

Consume soluble fibre including flaxseed, avocado, almonds, blackberries, and legumes!

• Stop the consumption of oily food like cake, pancakes, sweet juice, etc.

• Control excessive consumption of alcohol

• Eat a protein-rich diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, and pulses

• Try to live a healthy life and avoid stress in life!

• Consume sugar-rich products at least!

• Walking and regular exercise are necessary to reduce belly fat or belly fat!

• Maintain a good sleeping routine!

• Don’t always eat food with a full stomach, leave it a little empty!

• Drink less tea, can consume green tea or lemon tea!

• Drink hot water!

• Drink aloe vera juice!

Routine and exercise

Your daily routine should be regular like getting up early in the morning. Exercise and do yoga according to your physical condition! Taking breakfast, food, etc on time! To rest the body, sleep at a fixed time. The method of getting up and sitting, should not stay/sit in the same posture for a long time! You should pay attention to how much physical work you do during the day, etc.

Celery and Cumin

Celery and cumin are considered very beneficial in terms of health. Along with this, it is also helpful in reducing belly fat. For this, mix half a teaspoon of cumin and celery in a glass of water and keep it soaked overnight. After this, boil this mixture well. Now filter it in a glass and drink it hot. By drinking it daily in the morning on an empty stomach, belly fat starts reducing very quickly.

Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon is very beneficial for health. Therefore, if you consume it by mixing cinnamon and honey, then it can prove to be effective in reducing the fat stored in your stomach rapidly.


Along with reducing garlic weight, it is also very useful in reducing belly fat. For this, regularly chew two cloves of garlic and then mix lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it.

Triphala – Must use

Consuming Triphala helps in reducing obesity and also improves your digestion. It can be used after dinner anyway! For obesity, soak one spoon of Triphala in hot water and leave it overnight, filter it in the morning, and drink it after adding some honey. Regular intake will reduce obesity in a month! Diabetics should use it without honey.

Fenugreek powder – Must use

Consume fenugreek powder regularly in the morning on an empty stomach with lukewarm water. Second, soak fenugreek seeds overnight filter them in the morning, and drink water on an empty stomach.

Belly fat- Natural Home Remedies

Diet –

Eat light food and eat so much that the body gets energy. Don’t eat heavy food! Don’t eat full stomach together, you can eat little by little two or three times a day! Drink hot water as soon as you wake up in the morning! Should not eat late-night food for a long time! Linseeds are rich in fiber. After roasting its seeds, chew regularly and eat! Regular consumption of buttermilk is also beneficial!


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By Nitesh