Piles causes and home remediesPiles causes and home remedies

 Ayurveda Cure for Cough – 100% working.

For those who have got an excessive cough, then there are accurate remedies in Ayurveda-Ayurveda Cure for Cough–100% working

  • Lajwanti / Chhuimui In English it is called “Touch Me Not” Plant and Mimosa Pudica. Mixing some basil leaves with pieces of its root, making powder, and licking it on the tongue with honey is very beneficial. Ayurveda Cure for Cough–100% working
  • After cleaning the root of this plant, grinding it with water and applying it on the tongue is also beneficial.
  • Even if you do not want to eat it, making a garland of a piece of its root and wearing it around the neck also cures cough.
  • You clean its root like a toothbrush, that is, by chewing its root directly with your teeth, the cough also goes away. Ayurveda Cure for Cough
Ayurveda Cure for Cough–100% working

Information about the plant-

The plant of Lajwanti or Mimosa Pudika is very beneficial in the form of medicine. Many diseases are treated in Ayurveda. Its bionic name is Neptunia oleracea or Mimosa pudica. The names of prickly pear, golden plant, and sensitive plant also know it. This plant has a unique quality. By touching it, it automatically shrinks and closes, and after some time it automatically opens and becomes like before. There are also flowers in it. Its leaves, flowers, seeds, and stem are all used. It is used in the form of herbs in Ayurveda. Ayurveda Cure for Cough

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Ayurveda Cure for Cough–100% working


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