What is Agniveer and ‘Agneepath’ Scheme 

What is the ‘Agneepath’ scheme and why is the protest happening? 

What is Agniveer and 'Agneepath' Scheme

Under the ‘Agneepath’ scheme of the central government, youth will be recruited into the armed forces for four years. About 46 thousand youth are to be recruited this year. What is Agniveer and ‘Agneepath’ Scheme


Why is youth protesting?

Youth are protesting against this scheme in many states of the country. Bihar has witnessed the maximum number of protests. The side of the youth preparing to join the army is that they work hard for many years and prepare to join the army. In such a situation, they do not accept a four-year job. The protesting students have appealed to the government to immediately withdraw from this scheme.

What is the ‘Agneepath’ scheme

Under the Agneepath scheme of the Centre, this year 46 thousand youth are to be inducted into the Sahastra forces. According to the scheme, the youth will be recruited for four years and they will be called ‘Agniveers’. The age of Agniveers will be between 17 to 21 years and will get 30-40 thousand per month salary. According to the plan, 25 per cent of the recruited youth will get further opportunities in the army and the remaining 75 per cent will have to leave their job.

The government’s side of the plan-

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has described the Agneepath scheme as a very positive initiative. He said that this would give an opportunity to the youth to join the army. This will strengthen the security of the country and it has been brought to give military service opportunities to the youth. This will also increase employment opportunities in the country. Apart from this, the experience gained while in the army will also help in getting jobs in various fields. What is Agniveer and ‘Agneepath’ Scheme


What experts say on Agneepath Yojana

Experts related to the defence sectors have different opinions on this new plan of the Center. Some have called it positive, while opinion has also been given against it. Retired Major General Sheonan Singh told the BBC that joining the army for four years is not enough time. In four years, six months will be spent in training. Working in the infantry will also require special training.

What is Agniveer and 'Agneepath' Scheme

Lt Gen Bhinder accepts Agneepath’s plan positive

The General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, South Western Command, Lt Gen Amardeep Singh has described the Bhinder Agneepath scheme as a big opportunity for the youth. According to IANS, he said that the army will provide skills to the candidates on the basis of their merit and talent. After four years, where 25 per cent of the candidates will be inducted into the army on the basis of merit. At the same time, the remaining 75 per cent who will go back to society, will be given skill certificates, so that they can get government or private jobs based on their skills.

Priority in Madhya Pradesh Police Recruitment of Agneepath Yojna Jawans

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Indian Army is the pride of the country and the pride of the countrymen. Indian Army jawans are our heroes and role models. He said that the jawans who would have served in the Agneepath scheme would be given priority in the recruitment of Madhya Pradesh Police. What is Agniveer and ‘Agneepath’ Scheme

What is Agniveer and 'Agneepath' Scheme

Salary package-

monthly package of Agniveer increases every year! 30 thousand in the first year, 33 thousand in the second year, 36,500 in the third year, and 40 thousand rupees per month in the fourth year. Out of this monthly package, 30 per cent is deposited in the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

Agniveer gets a total of Rs 11,71,800 in four years of service. The amount of money that the government deposits in the fund, the same amount is also deposited by the government on its behalf in that fund. After four years of service, about 5.02 lakh rupees are deposited in the Agniveer’s fund, and this amount becomes 10.04 lakh rupees by including the amount received from the government.

Service Fund Package-

Agniveers of that batch are eligible to get 75% Service Fund on discharge after completion of four years of service. He has given Rs 10.04 lakh along with interest. It helps them to make a career in another sector. When 25 per cent of the firefighters are given permanent appointments, they are given Rs 5.02 lakh from the service fund. Income tax is not levied on the retirement fund. If the candidate leaves the job prematurely, then he will get the same amount of service fund package with interest that he has deposited. 

Contributions deposited on behalf of the government will not be received. Agnivero will have two options to get the service fund. After the completion of the first 4 years, the entire amount will be transferred to the account. One lakh rupees will be given in the second account, and the remaining amount is kept on the basis of a guarantee in case of taking the bank loan. One year Agniveer will be able to take a loan of 18 lakhs for 3 years using the Sevanidhi package.

In Disability – 

Compensation will be given if there is any kind of disability during the job. There are three slabs of disability, 20 to 49 per cent, 50 to 75 per cent, and 76 to 100 per cent. In such a case lump sum amount of Rs 44/25/15 lakh is given respectively on the basis of disability. The amount of service fund package is given for up to 4 years. The Government corporations give the amount along with interest till that date from the fund.

By Nitesh