Organic Lizard Repellent Spray, Chemical-Free 

Home or office lizards can be anywhere, organic spray to get rid of them with safety
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100 Millilitres

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About this item

·       Protect your home with none of the harsh chemicals of other pest sprays with our natural eco-friendly lizard repellent spray.

·      No messy traps or poisons to use, simply a safe way to make the lizards leave! Whether it is a garden, patio, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playschool, office, deck, windows, or more, lizard shield makes them stay away! Real life 1

·        professional has created this amazing formula based on their experience and knowledge so you can be sure

·   All natural, safe and effective! Our products are made with the purest essential oils. We use clove oil, peppermint oil, and a blend of other ingredients that lizards/geckos hate! Feel good knowing that you will not be spraying any kind of chemicals or poisons near where your children or pets may be.

·      Long lasting – works quickly and offers long-lasting protection against lizards and geckos invading your house, offices, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Although the formula is potent for lizards, the natural oils give off a pleasant fragrance to humans.

·         Our product works. thousands of customers cannot be wrong.




By Nitesh