Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes

Do you know what other sweet things diabetic patients can eat instead of sugar? Eating too much sugar can be harmful to them. What should a diabetic patient do if he feels like eating sweets? Now we tell you the main things that should be used instead of sugar for a sugar patient. Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes.

1. Sage Fruit

It is also called lo-hangul or swingle fruit. This small fruit is native to Southeast Asia. The people there have been using it for centuries as a medicine and as a substitute for sugar. Many more companies make sweeteners than this! It is beneficial for diabetic patients. Sugar substitutes for diabetes. Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes

2. Apple Breath –

This would have been another option! Along with eating sweets, it also reduces the glycemic index.

3. Honey i.e. honey –

Diabetes patients can use a limited quantity of honey. It is good for your health.

4. jaggery –

jaggery has been used since ancient times.

Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes
Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes

5. Sugar candy –

Sugar candy has medicinal properties, it can also be used instead of sugar for sweets.

6. Sweet seasonal fruits –

which can be made sweet by using concentrated fruits.

7. Dry fruits –

With dry fruits, you can satisfy your sweet food cravings by making sweets or making laddoos.

Apart from this, sugar-free goods, black chocolate, etc. sugar-free products are also available in the market, so how did you like this information about sugar substitutes for diabetes? subscribe by commenting, thank you.

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Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes
Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes

8. Stevia –

Stevia is a natural sweet plant, its leaves are sweet! People even make tea out of it! It contains very few calories as compared to sugar. As a pure product, about 300 times sweeter than sugar, one needs to use very small amounts to sweeten food.

Stevia can have many advantages and disadvantages as well. It is calorie-free and does not raise blood sugar levels. However, it is more expensive than sugar. Stevia being sweet also has a bitter aftertaste which many people do not like. This may make stevia products less suitable for people with diabetes. That’s why it should be used with the advice of an expert.


According to an article published in News Agency New Delhi (India) Denik Bhaskar dated 23 May 2023, it may be mandatory for companies to give warnings on the label of sugar-free sweet products that contain harmful substances. The World Health Organization (WHO) has termed alternative products of sugar like stevia and aspartame as dangerous for health. The international organization has said that they can cause type-2 diabetes and heart diseases. After this Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI) is considering the new guideline. (Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes)

Soft drinks, breakfast items, certain types of juices, and ice cream companies use sweeteners like stevia and impotent instead of sugar in their products as a good option for health. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Keylong Dabur promote Coke Zero and Diet Coke, Pepsi Black, and Khas Chowanprash as low-calorie products. Food regulators can curb this trend. Have appealed to apply Restrictive use only rule on such product.

Important information-

Naturally sweet products can be used, but sugar-free products prepared as a substitute for sugar can be harmful. It is advised to use only after getting complete information.

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Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes
Natural Sugar Substitutes for Diabetes

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