Kidney disease and its causesKidney disease and its causes

Diabetes and high blood pressure cause 40 per cent of kidney diseases.

Due to changing and deteriorating routines, the number of diseases related to kidneys is increasing rapidly. If we talk about statistics, about 10 lakh people in the world die due to diseases related to kidneys. 40 per cent of people with kidney disease are patients of blood pressure and diabetes. Kidney Day is celebrated in the world on 9th March.

Main function of the kidney

Kidneys remove toxins and waste from the body. It removes acid and balances water, salt and minerals. Because without a healthy balance of nerves, muscles and tissues, the body cannot function properly.

Two types of disease

Kidney disease and its causes
Kidney disease and its causes

There are two types of kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease and acute kidney disease. These diseases can be known on the basis of symptoms.

(1) Chronic kidney disease –

In this, the functioning of the kidney gradually decreases. If it takes serious form then kidney failure can happen. This requires dialysis or a kidney transplant. The treatment of this disease lasts a long time! If the patient’s blood pressure and diabetes are not under control, then it affects the kidney.

(2) Acute kidney disease –

If there is a sudden loss of urine, it is considered acute kidney disease. It can be cured after treatment for a while! It can be serious if not treated. This disease can occur due to infection, any medicine like a painkiller, stone or obstruction in the urine tube.

Symptoms of disease

1- Itching, dryness and scales start forming in the skin.

2- Skin colour starts becoming more white! Itchy marks start appearing!

3- There is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Due to this, the nails start to look weak and white.

4- Swelling starts to be felt in the hands and feet.

5- Complaints of stomach pain and back pain start happening!

6- Feeling of burning sensation in urine.

7- Others – In case of kidney infection, blood or protein in the urine, or pain in the kidney, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

The main causes of damage to the kidney (kidney) –

(1) Taking painkillers by heart-

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs give relief from pain, but they also damage the kidney rapidly, so it is advised not to take any medicine from your mind or from the medical store.

Kidney disease and its causes
Kidney disease and its causes

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(2) Eating more salt-

Foods containing hard sodium (white salt) work to increase blood pressure, which can lead to kidney-related diseases. It is appropriate for a patient of blood pressure and diabetes to take 5 grams i.e. one teaspoon of salt in the whole day!

(3) Eating processed food-

Processed food contains more sodium and phosphorus, due to which there is direct damage to the kidney. It also weakens the bones. Avoid eating like this!

(4) Eating too much sweets-

Sweets eaten for taste increase obesity along with blood pressure and diabetes! Children eating sweet things like biscuits etc can also cause kidney damage.

(5) Not exercising-

Those who sit more in one place in the office have more problems with this. Due to lack of exercise, the level of blood pressure and metabolism also deteriorates. 20 per cent of kidney diseases are caused by obesity, so exercise should be made your routine.

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(According to the Patrika news published in the magazine edition Madhya Pradesh dated 12 March 2023)

By Nitesh