Allergies free-natural black hair DyeAllergies free-natural black hair Dye

Hair dye allergies-hair colour without ammonia

How to cure hair dye allergies naturally 

Due to today’s fashion trends, we use any product. Like we use hair dye to darken the hair. Everyone wants that their hair is not white, but they forget that many types of chemicals are used in hair dye. Which can give you skin allergies. Due to this, your skin may have red rashes, pimples, or even spots. If you have also become a victim of this, then try these home remedies. By which you can easily try and get rid of this problem. If you are allergic to hair dye, then what to apply so that you do not harm yourself, in the end, what are its alternatives? Allergies free-natural black hair Dye

My own real experience –

I used to use branded hair dyes too, but I started getting allergic after applying them! There used to be pimples in the head, pus ie water like liquid started coming out of it, and then it started growing! The itching on the skin was so much that scratching caused wounds! who lived for many days! In the end, I had to go to the doctor and got the treatment done and then it got better! From that day I stopped applying hair dye! Now you will think that what I use as an alternative to it, so they have told you in detail on the link below, you should see it!

Hair dye allergies-hair color without ammonia
Generally, all the brands of hair dye available in most of the market, have some chemicals in them! If a company advertises without saying ammonia, then understand that there may be some other chemical in it! Always keep in mind what is written on a brand before buying it! Because if there is no ammonia then there can be amnesia or PPD see these three words-

1 Ammonia                         2 Amenis                  3 PPD

Hair dye allergies-hair color without ammonia

Precautions – check first

Before using hair dye, you should check your skin thoroughly! For this, first, make a little mixture and apply it behind the ear or near the elbow and leave it till it dries! By this, you will find out the allergy! Don’t use it if you feel a slight burning feeling unwell!

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Which helps a lot in curing skin allergies. By using it, you will easily get relief from itching and swelling. Apart from this, you can also apply aloe vera to the hair. If you have itching or boils in your skin, then apply aloe vera on this place with the help of a finger and wash it with clean water after leaving for at least 15 minutes.

Neem leaves-

Antibacterial properties are found in abundance in neem. Even in Ayurveda, there is a mention of bathing by putting neem leaves in the water! Take neem leaves and leave them in water for 2 to 4 hours and then grind it. After this wash off this paste after leaving it on the skin for at least 10 minutes.

lemon and yoghurt

Allergies can be reduced by applying lemon mixed with curd. Lemon is rich in astringent and antiseptic properties. Which is very beneficial for skin allergies.

Hair dye allergies-hair color without ammonia

Basil leaves and garlic

Applying a paste of basil and garlic is beneficial for skin allergies. Grind basil leaves. Now mix one teaspoon of olive oil, and two cloves of garlic and apply them on the allergic skin. Wash off after some time. You will get benefit from this.

Jojoba oil-

This oil is beneficial in case of red rashes, swelling, and pimples. Applying it on the hair before sleeping gives relief!

Baking soda-

It is also used, but do not use it without knowledge!

coconut oil-

Sesame oil

Apple vinegar_

By using all these oils, you will be benefited from applying them in the case of itching, pimples, and allergies. hair dye allergy, how to cure hair dye allergies naturally, hair, natural hair dye, hair dye allergies, hair colour, hair dye allergy treatment, allergic reaction to hair colour, how to manage allergies due to hair dyes,chemical-free hair dye, how to colour hair, best hair dye, ppd free hair dye, remedy for hair dye allergy, I am allergic to hair dye what should I do, hair dye allergy symptoms, hair colour allergy alternative, allergic reaction to hair dye

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Use without chemicals natural dye-

ALTRIS HD BLACK COLOUR Alembic Altris HD, Hair Hue Therapy Semi Permanent Hair Dye, 3 Sachets of 50g each – Soft Black

Black Hair colour-natural and chemical free-therapy

This is Ayurvedic therapy, it does not contain ammonia. This is a great product for those who are allergic to hair dyes or want to avoid the damage caused by chemicals! I have been using it for a long time because I used to be allergic to hair dye! I used to get blisters on my head after applying the dye. Then I was advised by a doctor since then I am using it! The way to use it is to make paste-like henna with lukewarm water and apply it to the hair after five minutes. Leave it for at least two hours for the best results. Put a plastic cover on the head and heat it with a hair dryer.

Altris HD Hair Hue Therapy (Soft Black) (150 gm)

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Alembic Altris HD introduces a revolutionary new way of restoring hair colour – 100% natural and chemical-free. Hair Hue Therapy not just restores your colour but also protects and nourishes your hair.

This is an Ayurvedic product, it contains types of herbs!

In case you have developed any skin problem on the scalp prior to application, consult your dermatologist/ physician before applying

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Snoring Dieses Treatment

Brand Generic
Item Weight 150 Grams
Age Range (Description) Adult
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About this item

  • Treatment Type: Hair Colour
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Protects against UVA & UVB protection
  • Transmits hair nutrients to hair roots resulting in hair growth
  • Use under medical supervision

By Nitesh