Virupaksha Mahadev – Prasad to the childless couple on Shivratri

Bilpank is a Village in Sailana Tehsil of Ratlam District of Madhya Pradesh State, India. The nearest cities are Banswara, Ratlam, Nagda, and Mahidpur. The world’s unique Shiva temple is established here, which is known as Virupaksha Mahadev Temple! It is also called the temple of Bhool Bhuleya. This temple is believed to be about 1000 years old. It was established before the Middle Ages by the Parmar kings. The Virupaksha Mahadev Temple was named after Rudra, the 5th incarnation of Lord Mahadev out of 11 Rudra incarnations. Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Here in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, a 4.14-meter water tank covered with brass sheets and 90 cm high Shivling is established in 5.20 square meters. There are 64 pillars, a sanctum sanctorum, an assembly hall, and four subsidiary temples. The idols of Ganeshji and Bhairavji are installed on both sides of the main gate of the temple. To go inside this temple, there is a small door made of stone, from which you have to bow down to go inside. Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

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20 km from Ratlam on Mhow Fourlane, 2 km from the main road. Virupaksha Mahadev Temple is located inside and in Bilpank village. There is no definite proof of the construction of the temple, but according to the inscription received, this temple was renovated in 1198 by King Siddharaj Jai Singh of Gujarat.

Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

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Lord Shiva Mahadev is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Mahadev the god of gods, the destroyer of the sorrows of the people, Lord Shiva is worshipped in both the forms of idol and Shivling. Devotees call the lord of this universe Shiva by many names like Mahadev, Bholenath, and Shiv Shambhu. The month of Sawan is the favourite month of Lord Shiva, so the devotees of Lord Shiva are engrossed in worshipping him throughout this month. In this devotional atmosphere of the month of Sawan, we will tell you some interesting information related to Lord Shiva. Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Eating the kheer here gives birth to children!

It is believed that no one leaves empty-handed from here. Miracles have been happening in Shivratri for many years! A 5-day Havan is performed in the temple, during the Havan, offerings of Kheer are hung just above the Havan Kund. This Kheer has special blessings from Lord Virupaksha from sacrifices, which are given to women on the second day for having children on the basis of Prasad. Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Childless couples come in large numbers to collect Prasad. Long queues start from the night itself because women are given Kheer in the Prasad, which is prepared during the entire Havan! It is believed that by the grace of Lord Mahadev, those who receive Kheer Prasad get children. This has been going on for many years! Thousands of people come from far and wide! Even after getting a child, the tradition of coming here and weighing the child with different substances is also going on.

Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Why is it called the temple of Bhool Bhuleya?

There are 64 pillars in it, and all the pillars are carved, which is unique! Its special thing is that no one can count these pillars correctly at once! It is not in anyone’s capacity to count it correctly! It has a pavilion of 34 sections, and similarly, the number of pillars at the four corners is 14-14 and 8 pillars are in the sanctum sanctorum! Due to this type of creation, it is very difficult to count them all at once. This is the reason why it is called the Forgotten Temple. This is the secret behind saying Bhool Bhuleya. Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Shiv Temple Bilpank Ratlam Madhya Pradesh

Shivratri is very special here.

A fair is held here every year in Shivratri. Devotees from far and wide come to the fair in large numbers. Here, on every Shivratri for 75 years, a big Yagya, (a type of worship) the Maharudra Yagya, is performed, after which kheer Prasad(Sweet made from milk) is distributed! A fair is held here in Shivratri. Special events are organized on this occasion.

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